sábado, 5 de febrero de 2011

John Frusciante

Away And Anywhere

I do dream you
Allow me to believe you are the real me
I see you breathing under water
See you on both sides of a door
I didn't mean you to fathom what you bought
I'm away and anywhere to suffice
Every life filled with what will be
If my own will is from me
How do I take another mirror
How do I drink the whole shore
I do greet you
And slam the door in your face
You come in anyways
It's a long, long time before this takes place
I answer these these questions now
As to why I'm the only one
Who carries answers to their fathers
Who carries grey sky to the sun
I'm not the railway
I leave all of it to the air
Passing highway's traffic just lying there
Carry me away
Come in anyways
Both sides of the door
The closed and open door....

John Anthony Frusciante Nacido en Nueva York en el año 1970  es un guitarristacantantecompositor y productor estadounidense. 
Actualmente es solista pero fue por mucho tiempo , guitarrista de los Red Hot Chili Peppers, 
hasta el año pasado que desidio seguir con su carrera en solitario .

Para mi es uno de los mejores guitarrista del mundo , 
y no solo por su habilidad con la guitarra ,
también con su habilidad de componer canciones tan hermosas . 

Cuatro años después de unirse a la banda ,
Frusciante no pudo soportar la repentina fama
y las constante giras , esto hiso que en 1992
John dejara la banda , y no fue lo ubico
también se recluyo en su departamento y enpeso a drogarse con heroína.

What i Saw

There's one room
There's one light
There's one night
In the fire
In the pain
In the wire
This from me
This one lie
That seems right
Time can't climb
It can't be
It can't see
I see to be right
I fall down tonight
I go to hell to be what I sell
Falling again is such
a welcome end
Can the end of today be
more than tonight
Echoes of these far
reaching sights
Stuck with the pain
of knowing you
should have tried
Give me your hands
And we'll never die
This love song
It sits wrong
It means jack
The time's right to be wrong
All night long
I feel good
I feel so far away
This is mine
It could be anyday
I saw what I saw
I call up a man
Distance is what
gets me right in
I had a hand in
everyone losing
their place
Never must stop
It's stealing my heart
A moment to squeeze
begging on its knees
I know I'll never be
right beyond tonight
Give me your hands
And we'll never die

La Revista Rolling Stone 
lo nombro el numero 18 de la lista de los 10 mejores 
guitarristas del mundo.

A john se le han quemado varias guitarras
en el incendio en su departamento. 
Al no poder pagar todas sus guitarras rotas
Antony Kiedis ( cantante de los Red Hot ) 
se ofreció a prestarle dinero .

Acá varios de sus pedales .

Acá John probando su Telecaster del 63.

Going Inside

You don´t throw your life away
going inside
you get to know who´s watching you
and you besides
you resides
In your body
where you´re slow
where you go doesn´t matter
`cause there will come a time
when time goes out the window
And you´ll learn to drive out of focus
i´m you
and if anything unfolds
it´s supposed to
You don´t throw your time away
sitting still
i´m in a chain of memories
it´s my will
And i had to consult some figures
of the past
and i know someone after me
will go right back
I´m not telling
a view
i´ve got this night
to unglue
i moved this fight
by doing things there´s no reason
to do

Varias de sus influencias son ,
Slovak o Hendrix .

Aca sus mejores solos .

Que mas decir , impresionante solo .

Simplemente impresionante ! 

To record only water for ten days - 2001

01. Going Inside
02. Someone's
03. The First Season
04. Wind Up Space
05. Away & Anywhere
06. Remain
07. Fallout
08. Ramparts
09. With No One
10. Murderers
11. Invisible Movement
12. Representing
13. In Rime
14. Saturation
15. Moments have you 


1 The Past Recedes
2 Lever Pulled
3 Anne
4 The Real
5 Control
6 Your Warning
7 Hope
8 Ascension
9 Time Tonight
10 Leap Your Bar 

Inside of Emptiness (2004)

1 What I Saw
2 The World’s Edge
3 Inside A Break
4 A Firm Kick
5 Look On
6 Emptiness
7 I’m Around
8 666
9 Interior Two
10 Scratches 

Shadows Collide With People 

1 Carvel
2 Omission
3 Regret
4 Ricky
5 Second Walk
6 Every Person
7 Wednesdays Song
8 This Cold
9 Song to Sing When I’m Lonely
10 Time Goes Back
11 In Relief
12 Water
13 Cut-Out
14 Chances
15 The Slaughter
16 Ghost 27
17 Failure 33 Object
18 Go into End